I thought I would revert to a more conventional sea/coastal landsscape for the final post before Christmas.  “When gorse is in bloom, kissing’s out of seasaon” as they d’say  It was one of those days when the air was full of moisture (we get a lot of that down here) – some from spray on the rocks,I think.  A sketch from a while ago has resurfaced and is now in oil on canvas.

Framed painting 60cm x 40cm, in a deeprecesed white wooden frame.  Overall dimension 80cm x 60cm x 4cm.

£550 from the studio or delivery by art courier can be arranged



Jackie Hollingsbee

Cornish visual artist, working in oils and mixed media

I grew up on the north coast of Cornwall and although I’ve lived and worked in Southeast Asia, in Spain and in Scotland, all of which informed my work in different ways, Cornwall has always drawn me home.